Deep Cleansing – Shampoo Bar


Formulated with Tetraselmis Suecica, a microalgae from the Mediterranean Sea known to reduce scalp sebum and protect the hair fibre. Cold pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil helps maintain the balance, so your hair feels clean and nourished.

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No fuss, no mess. Simple, solid shampoo does away with wasteful over-packaging and environmental worries in one. Perfect for anyone who loves the planet as much as their hair. Not a gimmick, these rich, solid shampoo bars effectively cleanse and moisturise to leave your hair looking nourished and healthy. Shampoo bars are economic too as each bar keeps on working, lasting so much longer than a bottle of liquid shampoo, at least 40 washes per bar. Sold in nine different varieties, there’s one to suit every hair type. Perfect for everyday use and ideal for visits to the gym, at the swimming pool or to take on holiday!