Wild Lavender – Bath Hearts


Like a hammock swinging softly on a light summer breeze, the tranquil and hypnotic scent of lavender seduces you to gentle slumber. As the ultimate stress antidote, combine with a glass of something chilled and gentle candlelight for a perfect bath-before-bedtime experience.

Suitable for vegans

Suitable for children

Other scents also available!


These small but powerful bath hearts are great for the perfect relaxing bath. They are small but really pack a punch meaning you only need one per bath! You can add more if you would like a blend of smells but each bath does only require one. There are no harmful chemicals in any of the bath hearts and none of them will stain the bath very easy to clean just washes away in the bath water.

All Vegan

All suitable for children and sensitive skin

You will only need to use one single fizzer per bath. Size is approximately 3cm in diameter.

Other scents also available!