Blue Jute Soap Saver


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These 100% cotton front with a jute back soap saver are a great alternative to using shower gel that comes in a plastic bottle and a plastic scrubber. The jute back gives a more exfoliating scrub. The soap saver extends the life of the soap meaning it does not fall apart in your hands. The friction between the soap and the cotton lathers up and gives of a real bubbly effect.

Once wet the soap can be left inside the soap saver and be hung out to dry. Most bars of soap can fit into the soap saver also you can put full bars of soap in or the ends of soaps. The soap saver can be used on sensitive skin.
Our jute soap savers are available in two different sizes. Our small is approximately 8cm x 6.5cm and our large is approximately 10cm x 8.5cm but will stretch further.

All of our large soap savers have been specifically designed for artisan soaps, such as square and big rounded soaps.

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