An eco friendly and reusable birthday package!

Why reusable parties?

It is a common misconception that using disposable plates is an easy and economical option as they are considered the ‘cheaper’ alternative in bargain shops. However, buying these in for your party to throw them away leaves a somewhat devastating impact on the environment, while they still do decompose, they break down over a significantly slower process than other paper products as this is due to the extra chemicals used in their production and can not be recycled due to their plastic coating.

So what does Jefferson Crafts have to offer?

We have to offer a range of themed parties for children and adult-themed parties too!

Our party package includes plates, cups, jugs, serving equipment, and themed decorations. We do all the washing up for you so all you need to do is collect the clean kit from us and return it to us after your party.

Here are some of the party themes we have to offer!

Rainbow-themed party!

How to rent from us

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